MOSS 2007 Document Permission Issues

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If you have worked with SharePoint, you are probably aware of the fine grained permissions that can be set anywhere from the site level down to the individual document level.  You have probably run into the usual problems associated with assigning permissions, inheritance and problems with breaking inheritance.  But occassionally even when the permissions are set correctly for a given user, they will still get a permission denied error when trying to access a document or form.

I have found the answer usually has to do with the way windows caches files it opens from SharePoint.   And here are my two solutions.

In the case of InfoPath forms, either saved in a form library or being emailed to users, part of the key is to use unique file names.  If you call every form, Form.xml, windows seems to cache the first one you open which causes problems with subsequent versions you try to open with the same name.  Typically I tell users to use a formula to create the file name.  If there's a field in the form that will typically be different per form, then append that.  If not, just append the current date and time. 

If that does not work, or it is some other kind of file, then the handy Disk Cleanup tool (apparently little known based on the blank stares I get when I mention it, even to tech support types) is probably going to be your best friend.  Here's what you do:

  1. Click on Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup
  2. It will run through a check of files on your computer.
  3. When done, select Temporary Internet Files, Temporary Files and if you have it, Microsoft Office Temporary Files
  4. Click OK, then Yes to confirm you wish to perform these actions.
  5. Once it is done, try the document again.

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