Fix Corrupt InfoPath Form Header

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I've seen this a couple time and have found help elsewhere, but thought I should add it here too.  If you're messing with the header on an InfoPath form and end up not being able to open it due to an error with a header tag in your .xsf file, it's fairly easy to fix.  Kinda.

  1. First rename the .xsn to a .cab. 
  2. Use WinZip or what ever archive program you want and extract the contents of the .cab.
  3. There you'll see the Manifest.xsf.  Open it in Notepad or other text editor and find your offending <header> tag and delete it. 
  4. Save the file (make sure it keeps the .xsf extension). 
  5. Now you'll want to zip these back up into a cab file again.  If your archive program supports this, use it.  If not, try iexpress.exe (Start -> Run -> iexpress) which is likely already on your machine (new to me).  It'll walk you through creating a cab file from the files you previously extracted. 
  6. Finally, rename the .cab back to a .xsn and you're good to go.
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