jQuery/IE XML Error

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Another odd jQuery issue to report (though not really jQuery's fault).  We just launched a new site with a Google suggest-esk drop down.  The suggest list is populated via an XML feed from our CRM.  After much pre-launch testing, we got a couple post-launch bug reports of a javascript error and the drop down not working.  Using the un-minified version of jQuery I was able to track it down to an error being returned from the isXML function it uses.

As with many quirky errors, this one was only happening in IE and only on two computers.  Based on where the error was I assumed it had to do with how the XML was being handled.  To make a long story short, the problem had to do with my using Microsoft.XMLDOM to create the XML document for jQuery to process.  Apparently on these two computers, this version did not properly format the XML.  By instead specifying to use Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0, the error went away.

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